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This time I would like to share something special...
I had the privilege to participate in a very special project which is called "A Monster Project".
In this project, an illustrator receives a monster that was done by a child he doesn't know (a 4th grader), and his mission is to recreate it in his own style and interpretation (there was also the child's brief included).

My monster was created by Evyatar and named. "Y" - it was a very muscular and kind monster that helps others, which also happen to ride a green horse, has two swords, and lives in a cave on a top of a mountain behind a yellow door (when not fighting his nemesis - the red horned bad guy).

Yesterday all the illustrators and all the kids finally had the chance to meet and speak via Zoom. I think I was thrilled just as he did, especially after he told me he was so excited looking at my drawing that he couldn't focus at school throughout the entire day ;)

As for the process - well, it was amazing, fun, and different than anything else I ever did in illustration, and I can't wait to participate again next year.

By the way - here are all the other artworks if you are interested to see more: